Holiday songs, take 1

DSC_0001It’s that time of the year again, time for holiday songs; at work, on the radio, at home. I say holiday songs even though I want to say Christmas songs because after so many years of listening I’ve finally come to realize that most of the songs, even the ones with word Christmas in them, as so ambivalent and have nothing to do with Christmas, the birth of Jesus or just plain taking the day off of work. It’s about something else. About that feeling this time of the year when it’s cold out and we are stressed out from shopping. We wrap our year up by catching up with people we know and knew. It’s a cut off point that’s wrapped up with that time from our youth when we were all excited for the holidays and the break that comes with it.

There’s a radio station in Chicago that plays all holiday music, starting the day after Thanksgiving, the beginning of the season. Of course, I listen. I can’t help it. There’s something that’s so luring about having like a full month of those old favorite songs, even when they are sometimes redone horribly in new ways by new artists.

The trouble is, there’s only so many songs. So basically, the station has about a dozen songs an hour to play, with some variations.

Today, I’m thinking of Baby It’s Cold Outside. There’s something about this song that, no matter who performs it, that’s kind of creepy. Maybe it’s the throw away line “Say…what’s in this drink?” or the passive aggressive tone and suggestions of the lead singer. I say singer because usually a guy, naturally, that seems to be trying to coax the woman into staying in the song, usually with booze and cigarettes and threats of physical harm.

Ok, that last one isn’t direct but saying things like “Baby…you’ll freeze out there…” and “Think of my lifelong sorrow…if you got pneumonia and died” kind of have a ring of “They will never find your body”.

Than again, maybe I should think of the antagonist’s “lifelong sorrow”. How can I do such a thing to him?


Father of the four winds fill my sails.

What is it about rush hour traffic that turns people from normal, functional adults into insane death machines? For the past several months now, it’s been every morning and every afternoon to and from work that there’s been a long delay from an accident on the roads I drive, and it’s really not surprising. I’ve seen some bad stuff out there. Careless, high violcity driving where people don’t seem to know either the laws of physics or that there are other people on the roads with them.

I’m told, this is a Chicagoland thing. That drivers in the Chicago metropolitan area all drive like this. Makes sense. There’s the whole idea that if you start someone out driving in the chaos of these roads that they soon will have to either drive like that too or die trying. Still, I want to believe this isn’t a regional insanity, as much as I’ve seen it to be true with all of the other places I’ve driven. Oddly enough, in the end I always end up being the one that is the insane driver, out of place from the others on the road, no matter how hard I try not to be. There’s that look of disgust with myself when I look in the rear view mirror and realize the monster I and all the others around me are railing against is me, the monster I have become.

It’s that werewolf of me that I’m realizing was more in charge of my life than I was for so many years.

Just the other day, I figured I’d go through one my old blogs from 2000-2008 that I posted in almost daily. Some of those old ramblings and thoughts seem so familiar and yet so cringe-worthy. There was something I wrote about the death of Bob Denver that went off course about my hatred for the occupants of Gilligan’s Island, that was about where I had to stop reading.

Most of my old posts were either elaborate, exaggerated stories or what could be best known as “angry old man letters”.

So, when there was a point on the drive in this morning when both of things. I’m stuck in traffic and a something comes on the radio about LED light bulbs. Now I know, they are better for the environment and a cheaper to use and, frankly, just make sense. But, aren’t LED’s light emitting diodes which means rocks, right? I know there are a rocks in the world but we’re talking special, light creating rocks. Isn’t there a chance that if we keep going down the path of using LED’s for everything that makes light that we’ll have a shortage of LED’s?

Rocks, like everything else, are a finite resource. Sure, it will take a lot longer to run out of them but it’s not like something the Earth is creating as a sustainable resource. Then again, maybe that’s the answer, Earth. Perhaps we’ll finally get the future where planets and asteroids around our galaxy are mined for TV screens, phones and light bulbs. Sure, it is usually a bleak, dystopian future where our ventures into the cosmos to bring back rocks usually leads to us bringing back hostile, alien life forms as well…but I digress.

Is this the next “Big Oil” problem? At what point in our lives will we have to pay $100 for a light bulb and ponder out loud “There has to be a better way…”

They say I’m crazy but I haven’t the time.

Sometimes, your viewpoint is everything.WP_20140914_19_23_55_ProI have this toy lemonhead on my computer desk in the office at home. It’s been there so long that I rarely notice it. The other day, while working on the PC, I looked down and noticed it had rotated forward a little.

Suddenly, I had an evil little lemon face staring at me.

And in the end, the love you take…

It’s Spetember 11th. It goes without saying that thirteen years ago this was a horrible, horrible day, in so many ways for so many people. One of the things that will always stick with me was hearing a lot people talk about how after what happened that “We would never be the same”.  Continue reading

Communication is the problem to the answer.

Head Turners

We often hear strange snippets of conversation as we walk through public spaces. When was the last time you overheard something so interesting, ridiculous, or disturbing you really wanted to know what it was all about?

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