Holiday songs day seven: The Wildcards.

DSC_0016One thing I’ve noticed listening to the same dozen or so songs every hour on our local Christmas music station is this, the wildcards. Yes, the same 12-15 songs done differently every hour but every half an hour or so they throw in one that makes you really remember that there are more than just the standards to enjoy at Christmas.

Some are head scratchers, some nostalgia. Right now I’d like to point out some of the highlights for me from this season:

I’m going to actually start out with the low note before I rattle off the list of the rest. That low note is Same Old Lang Syne  by Dan Fogelberg. If you know the song you’re going to think I’m lying but they do play it this year with the other holiday songs, not that this should in any way be considered a holiday song. I get it, Old Lang Syne is in the title but does that mean that whoever is programming the songs is just doing a search on terms to find songs to add to the list?

If you don’t know the song, I suggest you look it up and give it a listen. Give it a chuckle too. As much of a story based downer it is, it’s kinda funny in a morbid and depressing way.

Also, keep in mind that up until a couple of years ago Last Christmas by Wham would have been on the list you see here. I don’t know who to thank or curse for that but I would really like to find them so Dan Fogelberg’s piece of crap song doesn’t end up doing the same thing.

Enough of that, here’s the list of the holiday ‘also rans’:

Yes, I understand there’s some standards and classics on there. I’m just saying they don’t get played enough to be part of the “core” songs. Also, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Happy Christmas (War Is Over) should probably be on this list but I got this from the radio station’s website with a list of the last 350 songs and apparently they are as sick of the song as I have been for so many years.


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