Holiday songs day 5: Dean and Frank

DSC_0014For some reason I thought all of the Rat Pack had a glut of Holiday tunes. As it turns out, from what I can find, it’s really only Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin that are clogging up the airwaves with their Christmas/winter holiday songs.

Frank Sinatra has ones in my music library from back when he was a skinny Hoboken kid to right before his death so when I hear something from him this time of year I can’t help but wonder, “what was it about holiday songs for Frank?” Was it the money? Was it the tradition?

I guess I shouldn’t be so cynical and say the musical traditions.

Dean Martin on the other hand from what I can figure did it for the booze. Song after song of lazy, slurred speech singing. Take his version of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. In this department store sponsored holiday mutant Santa’s helper classic he goes off script several times, calling him Rudolph, Rudie, Rudie the red beaked. Heck, he even breaks into German with a fake German accent at one point, for no apparent reason.

Perry Como never did that.


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