Holiday music day two:Andrew Ridgeley and other non-sensical words.


At what point did it become ok for Wham to have a Christmas carol in heavy rotation? Last Christmas is a song that was released in 1984 and (according to wikipedia)  “meant that a battle for the coveted Christmas number one spot in the UK seemed set to be between Wham! and the year’s other big act, Frankie Goes to Hollywood”.

Seriously? We’re still commemerating a battle beteween Wham! and Frankie Goes To Hollywood thirty years later? How long does it take to forget? It’s been decades since anyone’s had a rememberance of the 80’s Cola wars. Can’t we let this go too?

The song has not only been played more and more lately but it’s one of those songs that I mentioned are in the heavy rotation on the holiday music station here in Chicagoland. not only the Wham! version, oh no. There’s cover versions too. It was one of those cover versions that made me realized I knew this song and was hearing it so much. Up until a couple years ago I would have sworn this was just a long faded memory of mine from back in senior year when I worked at K-Mart, as it played in rotation on the store’s Muzak system.

At what point did this become a holiday treasure to be sung, remembered and looked forward to every year?

Again, the date of Christmas that’s mentioned in the title doesn’t make it a Christmas song. Hell, it’s not even got anything to do with the holiday season other than that’s when someone stole poor George Michael’s heart then handed it off to someone else to use.

How is that even possible, the transfer of a human organ from one person to another by proxy?


And now, for some actual holiday music references I give you my top five phrases from holiday songs that are played in heavy rotation today on the “Christas” music station, Christmas-themed and otherwise:

1) Rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums

2) Pa-rum-pa-pa-pum

3) Thumpetty thump thump

4) Tooralooraloo, pat-a-pat-a-pan

5) Ding dong merrily on high, in Excelsis Deo


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