Get that together come back and see me.

One week later and what a difference it all makes.

I sit here at a desk, just a little after four in the afternoon. My co-workers have left for the day at four, leaving me instructions that if there is something that I can’t handle that comes up I should call them. Honestly, what’s going to possibly happen in the next hour? They know it. I know it.

I am home.

That is more correctly to say is I am at work. Suddenly I’ve closed the gap of ten years of slacking and barely being there to find myself a professional administrator doing work of someone who has is actually a responsible IT admin.

I’ve hit the ground running. I’m fixing problems when my manager had training and orientation scheduled for me, because I can actually do it. I’ve helped and been helped. I’m part of a team.

God is in heaven and all is right with the world…


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