All crimes are paid.

In honor of all the kids going back to school around this time, I’d like to start off my thoughts here by sounding like I am responding to a topic given by a teacher as I come back from summer break: What I like about my new shoes is…

What I like about my new shoes is the way they sound when I walk on pavement or sidewalks. I noticed it this morning while taking out the garbage. My house is in an unincorporated area, so I shouldn’t have sidewalks but my house does for some reason, along with about 60% of the other houses on my block, which is odd. Still, that was the first time I had heard my shoes on pavement. Living in the suburbs is different than the city, I guess, where I would have heard it sooner and more often, the sound of my shoes that is. 

What I like about my new shoes is that they sound the same way shoes sounded in old TV shoes and movies. You know, when you hear a detective get out of a car and walk down the street, the over-exaggerated and grimy sort of sound that sandpaper makes rubbing against a rock. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have 70’s TV detective shoes. The soles are not hard leather or anything like that. Still, as I walked up the drive to take the garbage and recycling cans to the curb I couldn’t help but feel a lot more older than my years and kinda wanted to question a perp.




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